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Web Dev Matters and Me

Access as DB

in a website that I've been coding for weeks, I really need a DB to store site contents and pictures, unfortunately, the webhosting company charges more for less DB space (100 MB is my only option since I don't want to spend more). the disk space is 1GB.

then I looked at my VAIO P, it is 256GB and the RAM is 2GB, but still it is fit enough for development task. I had a thought of using the 100MB MSSQL 2008 DB space as a buffer and take advantage of the storage space using access DB.

with this, I can deploy the CMS of the website, be a web application or even a windows application. I can make the data model isolated and make a web service to invoke actions that will transfer data from the buffer to the access storage. of course, I need to make several files and I have to be sure to make backups as much as possible since access DB is much prone to be corrupted than SQL DBs.

just a little bit more.. I can't wait but it is also hard to type when your fingers get numb... (I'm starting to hate winter....)


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