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Web Dev Matters and Me

Improving loading speed

Last time, I posted about using Google's new tool that can help you analyze if your page needs further optimization. There are many reason to do it. First would be, the bandwidth space would be less than usual data transfer. This will be good since users won't have to wait a long time just to see your page and will also cost you less about site bandwidth (high-traffic websites).

First, it will ask you to complete the following suggestions.

and if you do what they suggested, you should get an optimized page, something like this...

which I think is cool. Way better if you serve many people and if you reference your SRCs wisely, chances are they don't have to download all those images, and just depend on HTML data. That's how it is designed and the web consortium designed it like that, to provide an easy, yet convenient way to communicate data over internet.


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