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Web Dev Matters and Me

Another tool from Google. Page Speed Tool

By checking all the website I manager from fetching pages in googlebot's perspective, I noticed a new beta tool called Page Speed tool. I think google is always finding ways to improve web user's experience on the internet, and one of the factors that can ruin (piss, annoy, yell, tantrum, etc) a user is page loading time.

When I first learned my HTML (I was 15 years old, that time), displaying webpages thru frames is just a new thing and almost seen it everywhere. that time, if you understand HTML, you can be a web programmer (and a plus if you know javascript). All you have to do is, put your contents, put links, put images, put "Sorry, this site/section is under construction" sign, put noframes, noscript, etc... you just put everything, as in without consideration of user experience.

But now, if you still use that, it is like you didn't improve yourself for a long time. I don't want to sound mean, but when I see websites done using the Javascript preload method, I can assess their skill. Actually, I don't hate the javascript preload image way , in fact I used it many times, but that was when I was 15 years old, way back 11 years ago. I mean, if they want to pre-load images, just use CSS and preload the images there.

But still, that is like yesterday... I'm just fixing some last minute requirements (my cravings), for a website that I'll upload soon, and I really want to use this new Google Page Speed tool.

Page Speed tool seems to give your site a good diagnostic test and tips.
But in short, the only solution to this is to keep your files , as much as possible , limited.
On my site, I will just use 2 picture for the site layout and the other things will be from database. This technique is called "sprites", and no, before you open your mouth and let your soul go out, let me interrupt you that, this isn't a new technology. In fact, it was really really old, it was done as even earlier than you've seen Street Fighter or even Super Mario your NES (Family Computer).

Since you would minimize bandwidth usage by preventing browsers to download and download files, your site will load faster. If your website loads faster, your contents can be read faster, and (depending on your site) understand what you would like them to know. I know first impression is important, and last impression is lasting, but that is not the case when your page visitor doesn't even know you or in any way curious about you.

Great tool. Don't take my word for it. Use it and decide if your site is slow or not.


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