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Web Dev Matters and Me

Difference between HttpInputFile and HttpPosted file.

while developing a new website and CMS where I need to manage uploaded files, I realized that the rchLibrary I wrote (idea from my previous work,and created a new version) only deals with the HttpInput file. To my knowledge I already coded an easy uploader for managing the uploaded files and checking the binaries, until I prefer to use the HttpPosted one.

Both are classes for uploads, with the first one, available on ASP.NET. But when you deal files , and you have to make ASP.NET controls for every file you need to upload... it will just make your application messy. (Well, ASP.NET is still a drag and drop, even those without solid experience in web development can still use it.).

But, using the HttpPosted file class will make your web app more flexible. All you have to do is to collect all the files posted and add them per posted file. You can also easily convert the stream to byte, and soon landing your database .


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