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Yakiniku : Han no Daidokoro (Kitchen of Han)

My friends said Philippines people really like BBQ. But I said, of course maybe everyone does, with the exception of those who are vegetarians. When I take them to a Yakiniku Tabehoudai (eat all you can) place, they said they don't feel like eating within span of time, so this time I was taken to a different place.

The name of the place reminds of a Korean dynasty, Han. It is indeed, Han's daidokoro. (Kitchen of Han).

Han's Kitchen - Yakiniku in Tokyo

very nice yakinikuI can't say more about this place. They really give good service. They replace the grill every other minute, because it gets black if you grilled things in there.

Hi technology Yakiniku

If you look at the table, you can see that technology in Tokyo improved their daily lives, the grill can be controlled here, and also it has some sort of a clock that will show how long it is used. This is not chargable to customers though, I think they put it there so they can estimate how much their monthly electric bill will cost.

Tounge of Cow - yakinikuSo we tried this. I forgot what this one is called , but this meet is one part of Cow's Tounge.

Yakiniku plate
And we took this much. It was not as much as "gatsu-gatsu" in tabehoudai, but this is great. We had a good time talking and not rushing to fires.

Wagyuunigiri - Beef Sushi
And, I was quite hesitant to eat this. I just had my sashimi eating lessons few weeks ago but this time, no.. it was not yet the Ootoro, I'm reserving that for some special day. This is what they call "Wagyuu Nigiri". It is "RAW" Beef.

At first I thought I can't eat it, but I just put the wasabe I can and the ginger I can and the garlic I can and the soy sauce. And I ate one. Oishikatta~~~Yo!


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