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Akihabara : A glimpse of a tradegy...

Offerings at Akihabara Stabbing rampage
At first glimpe, you would think that those are some garbage, I suppose. But a closer look, they are really flowers, drinks, snacks and others used as an offering for those who died in Akihabara last year, a stabbing rampage.

Japan's working lifestyle is reall strict. One mistake, you'll become an outcast. No body invites you to group parties, no body informs you about recent company policy or event, everybody mobs you on their conversation after work, etc.... very unforgiving in such a way, someone who experience those would most likely to be violent, do something sneaky, just to adjust for such unfair act.

Because of this, he tried to express himself in such a way that his existance will not be ignored. He posted several message to a Social Networking Site, and when he arrived at Akihabara, randomly stabbed everyone after he hit pedestrians using the truck he drove.

Akihabara @ Night - a year after the stabbing rampageI also feel sorry for them and also for this guy, who didn't find a way to prove everyone that they are wrong about him.


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