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Web Dev Matters and Me

Free Diamonds at Mauboussin , in Ginza

Afternoon, I walked in Ginza and wondered why there are people all lined up in a store. I didn’t see this place before so I assume this is new. Afterall, Japanese people fall for new things

And when I asked what is it all about, they said the store is giving away free diamonds. “WHOA”. I only have 1 hour so I didn’t bother joining them, although I was tempted a bit. They said it was a French franchised diamond store, Mauboussin (an old lady said it is pronounced Mabousan)


The tiny free diamonds worth 5000 yen, and the store is encouraging people to have their free diamond to be made into rings or accessories starting roughly at 50,000 yen

I just smiled and walked away while looking at my bank book.


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