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Web Dev Matters and Me

My 2nd year in Tokyo

Whew, I almost forgot that it was my second year here in Tokyo, Japan. How time really flies and I couldn't remember the things that happened, as I can still feel things as if they happened yesterday.


Then I just found myself in Shibuya... I haven't eaten anything, but just before I entered some place where I can eat, I already placed a ticket to Den-EnToshi line... I just feel weird, I take the train. Then after seating, I enjoyed looking outside the window, looking at places that feels like familiar.

Then, thinking it was already far, I disembarked at Nagatsuta. I was amazed, I went all the way here, I don't even know if someone I knew used to live here, or by any chance I might bump on some fellow "Kababayan"...

Then, I want to move a little bit more, but my tummy is already complaining. I planned to go through the last stop of JR Yokohama, but I end up disembarking at the very next station, Naruse.

The place is somewhat different from Tokyo, it is like a province.

I happen to pass by a bridge, and beneath is a cemetery. There is also a water gate next to it, controlled by a sluice gate somewhere. I walked straight and straight, looking a something that I can't even describe, but I feel like I need to go there. Very weird, but it gave me a good exercise walking.

Then on this (I saw some sign, Aobayama, nantoka... something.. I'm getting drowsy since Ihaven't eaten anything and I'M tired and also quite exhausted because of the rain torrents, walking without the umbrella ....). I felt really worried. I looked around and at night time, it seems really dark on these areas. I hope somebody has been there for them, that those who do this act can't do their foolish acts without getting a fight or something..

I think I really lost my way. I tried to look for taxi, but can't find one. There are bus stops but I think they go to other direction. I can't see some kanji that I've seen on the station. So I just continued walking.

And then, I reached here, going out to a place that I believe I've been.
I feel like, I was looking for a missing fragment of my memory. It feels strange, and I felt like I've been here before. This looks like a school. I was looking at the big clock near the field. I looked for students busy running around the school, chatting, parting ways....

somehow I feel relieved and smiled... I decided to just rest at the nearby pasta restaurant. 学校のClockに見ながら、ゆっくりして、にこにこ笑わせた。 ^_^

Then... after some time, I went back home. It was a long day.
quite tiring, but I feel great. I don't know what I've found, but somehow I feel satisfied.


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