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Finding a picture to fit on… TOKYO


I just realized how hard it is to live alone in Tokyo. I mean all by yourself, having no company to help you with the accommodation, finding job, etc.

Consider this scenario. If one would try to find job here, first a shelter is necessary. There's no problem in food as you can just find everything you need in a nearby convenience store if cooking is a hassle and having limited budget. If you still find those convini foods to be expensive, try waiting around 9 – 11pm and the price will surely go down. Usually you can see this kanji引き (biki) preceeded by a number, which means, % discount. So if you see a bentou box with 500 yen tag and with 20%引き, it means you only have to pay 400 yen for it. And if you can see this ,


(hangaku) it means 50% discount or HALF – PRICE.

The condition to find yourself an apartment is that, you must have a WORK to start with or you must have a Japanese guarantor, someone who would stand there in case you would run from paying the rent (of course we know we won't do it, but there are different people too and we can't blame the owners).

There is an option, but quite expensive. Staying on sakura houses might not be a bad idea. I can have my own room, having shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc with other foreigners. With that amount per month, I can already rent my own apartment, provided I have Japanese guarantor and a present job. The monthly rent is really shocking if you would take Tokyo central places. But might suffer if you have to commute very far.

The picture above is taken while I was inside a coffee shop. I was surprised because this pigeon walked from the park all the way to this place, and even waited for the traffic lights too. It walked all the way just to mingle with people in the coffee shop, hoping that they would at least share a part of what they are taking, quite a picture, isn't it.


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