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Web Dev Matters and Me

Friday Night

Here's the desert from Outback, Roppongi.Brownies
Outback Strawberry Cheesecake I'm really laughing because whenever I go to TGIFridays or Outback, there always a birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday... >_<>

The cheese cake taste better, IMO. I don't like sweet things that much , but the cheese cake is not that sweet. and it is very big, good enough for 5 - 6 people.

After dinner, we went to GasPanic. I think this place is much livelier than Motown and I feel like this is for younger people too. The music, light,smoke is cool. But if you are not holding a drink next to you, you need to get out.
We tried to dance a like, then I saw another indian again, touching japanese. I tried to purposely blocked him because the girl is running away from him. I know it is quite mean of me to do this and sometimes my friend are worried about me when I make "Jama" to such things.

But sometimes, it can't be prevented. There are foreigners, who thinks Japanese people go there to meet them. While in some part it can be true, I hope everyone know their limits, as to where to stop. I'm really feel sick seeing Japanese girls moving away (because they're shy to say NO, or maybe by saying NO will not work either), and being constantly chased by some pervy foreigner.
So, if you would happen to visit Roppongi, just an advice. Know your limits. Japanese go there to unwind from stress, some really look for partners, but if they show signs no interest of you, just leave them alone, they want to find others. Don't push your luck.


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