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An event at Shimbashi : Shogi Game?

Shogi EventMy friends and I decided to do "Machiawase" (wait) at Shimbashi station. I was there and after 15 minutes of waiting, got bored and walked around. Then, I saw this interesting event. It is like a tourney, where everyone would play a boardgame.

Shimbashi EventThis one is called, Shogi. This is the Japanese chess.

And this one is the game we knew, "Chess". And they also have some limited move puzzle.
Chess Shogi
I was amazed. Both young and old played shogi and chess, they played as if they we're just playing with some friend of same age. I also saw some bad losers and threw pieces, but maybe sometimes there are people like that.

After which, my companion arrived (at last..) (T-T)


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