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Web Dev Matters and Me

Mother's day (May 10)

It is Mother's day here in Tokyo, I decided to have an agreement with a fellow co-worker who resigned. He asked me to buy flower for his future mother-in-law (yaru ne, JP-chan ^-^).
So I asked my Japanese groupies, where should we buy? They suggest me Aoyama flower shop. There are really good flowers, but if you would look at the picture below, you would probably wait aroung 30 minutes just to pay. Everyone is buying flowers, cakes, etc.

My friend and I both agreed to pick the flower below. It cost quite much, but I think it is OK and a sufficient way to thank our mothers. I even look for the meaning of the flowers. And the Japanese names.

アルストロメリア = strength

ユリ = prosperity

バラ = love

アジサイ = understanding

ヒエンソウ = saintliness

クイーンアンズレース = protection

アヤメ、アイリス = faith, hope, wisdom and valor (an Iris means all of these)

That is also additional knowledge for me. I also sent a message to a Japanese friend, who is a Mother. She said she enjoyed time with kids and also sent her mother shirt and jacket.
Me, I sent a Black-Forest Cake to my Mom thru my conniving friend.

How about you?


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