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Web Dev Matters and Me


When developing a new system, one think I always consider is "Compatibility". Will my application work on major browsers? What if I need to access it somewhere remotely? Thus, ending up with a version one "Web 1.0" and version two "Ajaxified".

Most Web application I've seen won't even bother for a version 2, because they think it is cumbersome and is not that necessary. But, aren't they forgetting something? Developers are there to make user experience better, by simplifying the things that they have to do. They may be office staffs who are really tired doing their daily task and if they have to think hard just to use the system is just like asking them to do some extra work.

So, as much as possible I make version one in a whim and do version two. Afterall, the eye catching effects should be done on this stage. I first use XML formatted data. (it could be dHTML on the run) and if javascript is enabled, use JSON (afterall, no javascript in JSON makes it some data which would appear greek to non-technical users).


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