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Web Dev Matters and Me

Lunch at a Sushi Shop

One afternoon, my Japanese friends decided to pull some new form of amusement and want to see my reaction. They asked me if I have eaten raw fish before and I honestly said, NO. So we went at a Sushi shop. We are lucky, we are ahead of many people who have to wait while we eat.

And this shop is cheap. We can get any Sushi for just 105 yen. There are other things too, if for some reasons you want to eat something else (heck, why go to sushi shop if you won't eat sushi anyway), you can order deep fried breaded chicken or tempura, or takoyaki, and even some sweets like ice cream and cake. I also tried a beer here, which says Non-Alcoholic beer. I was warned though that it doesn't tastes good, and I learned that sometimes you have to learn to what natives tell you.... the bad way. Experience is indeed a good teacher, though not a mild one.
My friends won't even take a drop of it, hahaha.

Cheap Sashimi Sushi for just 105 yen

So that's it, if you want, you can just took anything there and pile the plates. Some sushi shops count all the things you ate thru the plate colors.

I tried many things, Salmon toro , Ikura (we made jokes here, like ikura wa ikura kakaru kana?), maguro, negi-toro, but I didn't have any chance to eat Ootoro here. My friends says that Ootoro is the best, so it sounds to me like a king of sushi. Ootoro is the fatty part of Tuna (Maguro) and they also said it melts in your mouth. So, I can imagine like it is like the fatty part from the corned beef, to which they agree. But they really want me to have a taste of it. One friend of mine really liked watching SMILE jdrama, so she is really pushing me to have a taste of it. Hahaha. Funny isn't it. Just because I'm a Philippine-jin.

So my opinion? Well this things are completely different from what I've eaten from Tokyo-Tokyo in Philippines. Perhaps they are worried that it won't sell much if it is really the same as the one here in Japan. Yeah, one might feel awkward about it, so be sure to add wasabi and take the pickled ginger. But once you've taken it, you will appreciate it too. On my part, I can't let my friends feel disappointed, so I tried this. They are eating these kind of foods, and maybe I should also try. It was great. Next time, a friend promised to take me to her place and have a taste of this Ootoro.

Green tea
Tea here is free so you can drink all you want. (or at least, maybe just in this shop).

We took too much, and we have to count the plates, so as to split the bill.

Number of plates for all the sushi
I wonder when can I eat this intriguing Ootoro...


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