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Web Dev Matters and Me

Unwind @ Roppongi

Dinner with Pinoy friends

It was friday so we are at TGIF Roppongi. Hahaha.. It's been a while when I last went out with Pinoy friends because my Japanese friends sometimes demand that I stay with them. Well, first we went early at Roppongi and meet up with Neth's friend who happens to work at other company. Followed up my other Filipino friend and an Italian. Then we went to the same dance spot, but it is less crowded than before, probably because it is Friday and those party people are probably saving energy for Saturday night.

It was tough for me because I had this terrible "sore" at tounge, and sometimes I can't even speak well.. *ouch*

Anyway, it was fun! ^_^


ang taba ko jan, sana next time, slim na hehehe


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