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Web Dev Matters and Me

あ、何これ? A surprise on your mailbox.

Whenever I would check my mailbox, I am not surprised anymore if I would recieve things like seen below. I have to edit it to protect the rights of those who run this business, since it is legal here (Tokyo). Yes it is. At first, I can't hardly believe, but I guess kind of things happen as long as there is a barter of interest, someone willing to do anything for money and someone willing to give anything for their desires.

Surprising Promo in Japan I asked few people about this and this kind of thing also have a catch. First, let's check on the ads. It can be paid easily using many convinient methods. Kissing, and other things is OK but you can't change partners once it is settled. Also, for those who are wishing that they would meet Japanese here, read first. Someone I asked have tried going in this kind of things and he said, they we're not Japanese but Taiwanese, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilians and some Pinay too. And most of the times, they are , what I called "Photo-genic". Well, I know my definition could be wrong but what I mean there is that they are just good-looking on photo and they are depressing to look at in real (based on what he said to me). Also, these people have one goal in mind, to drain you of your money. So when you are in the mid of your climax, you would be stopped and asked to pay more to continue.

Maybe some places do have Japanese but I won't find it out, I'm not desperate to do it.

On top, it says 1hr and 20 minutes for 20,000 yen, 1hr and 40 minutes for 25,000 yen, 2 hours for 30,000 yen. If you could just saved those money, and kept it, and let the USD vs JPY convertion fluctuate on your side, then you can even buy more things, other than spending short amount of time where you risk getting disease and worst, losing respect to yourself. Why?

Because life is more than this. If you let money manage all of your things, someday you'll just lose your value, which depends on something you can't hold forever.

There are things money can't buy.

What do you think?


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