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Web Dev Matters and Me

From ASP.NET to the MVC version

Probably, those who are already satisfied with ASP.NET 2.0 willnot find the ASP.NET MVC comfortable. I always hear grumble like, "Hey, the best feature of ASP.NET is their drag and drop web controls, now in this MVC, is it a back to classic ASP scenario?".

Well, this is a big NO. I can't enumerate all of the new features, but my personal advice is to stick with the MVC package. This, however requires you to update your .NET version to be able to use all of the new features (LINQ-TO-SQL, .mvc , routing, etc).

Now, the things I like about ASP.NET MVC are the following.

1. View>SourceCode => Whoa! The viewstate is gone! The meaningless bunch of text are not visible in the code anymore. This is a good improvement. Those data should not appear in the source code since it is not necessary to be there.

2. Routing => This is really good. You don't have to put all those question marks just to keep track of your querystring data. And this is somehow neat.

3. Isolation of Concerns => yeah. One of the best things there. Working on the back end? Just deal with the model and controllers. Front End? then just work with the views and the scripts & stylesheets.

And AJAX? How do I use my old ajax there. Don't hit the panic button bud, it is still there. Just access your controller page, add controller method, write that ajax method and don't return the view, just write it like you would on your old app. It still works and just throw the data you sent, not all the page data.

The only thing I don't like is the server restart required when installing all the required updates from 2.0. But if it would be on my own decision and can announce a maintenance schedule, then I'll go for it.

How about you?

When will you decide for that change?


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