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Web Dev Matters and Me

C# Developers can now develop many things

Things are getting good now. And I can't wait to start developing my "Hello World" test programs on there platforms. I really liked C# and I use it on most of my development projects. Learning C# is made easy for me because I'm already familiar with Javascript when I started and I just have to apply more object oriented things, whereas Javascript is just like C#, but a bit loose. This also helped me learn PHP, so for me, I consider PHP like Javascript running on server. I already made many C# applications, from windows applications and services, websites, etc. What I liked here is that, whatever I can do in windows programming can also be done remotely on ASP. So, if you are so customer oriented you decided that each time somebody visit a page in your web, you want some music to play on your computer, that is very possible.

Here are the links to check.


iPhone and Wii

Probably I need to purchase an iPhone first and Wii to test these things. Also I need to get familiar with the Mono project and a new laptop would be nice.

If there would be some PSP development framework for C#, I'll disassemble my PSP asap if necessary. hahaha.


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