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Roppongi: Finished my task at a whim... and a small quest

The day started like this. I'm supposed to meet a friend and go spend some time in Odaiba but for some odd reasons, I slept late and woke up, half-asleep in toilet and return to slumber until I woke up again and it is past 3:30pm. I decided for a short walk and returned back only to realize I'm still bored. So I decided to go to Roppongi.

Tokyo tower is really visible at night.

After disembarking at Roppongi station, I head first to the nearest Starbucks. There I slowly think about what to do there, as I watch the black guys intimidate prospect customers for their pub. I don't know if this is effective, but for me it is rather uncomfortable to be invited in a such way. I understand it is their work, so whenever I would get past by and compliment me like

"Hey man, I like the way you dress, I like the way you bring yourself, you're handsome, smile a lot there are many Japanese girls waiting for you at my pub. I'll give you free drink, just stay there. Also, if you want some Russians, just tell me"

Which even makes me feel uncomfortable. Also, there would be some asians who would approach you for massage services (or more, if you know what I mean). Then, I get tired and just remembered my task there. There is a UFO Catcher place there and I need to catch a "PIG" stuff toy.

So, I walked a little and find the shop. And yes, just as informed it is a pig stuff animal. But what there is 3 kinds of it. The one holding 4-leaf clover, one holding a star and one holding a heart. And am I struck with difficult luck, I need to get the one holding a heart.

First try, I failed. It seems that once you don't do things on practice, you lose your touch. So, I decided a 500 yen, 6 times play and fortunately, my skill (and luck on this, only on UFO catcher) grants me the target.


But should I go home now? It is Saturday night and I'm at Roppongi, one of the lively Tokyo place at night. I got my target, so probably spending some time isn't bad. But before even leaving the place, I was approached by a young Japanese girl who speaks little bit of English asking me to sell the piglet I just took from the UFO catcher. It seems that this thing gets popular because of the j-Drama called "SMILE", and when I took a closer look, yeah it says the same. "Make a wish to the piglet". The girl seems willing to pay less than or equal to 10,000 yen but I don't like to take the risk and try it again. I believe that if you abuse something, it will backfire really soon so, even if I like to, I didn't sell it. (I also would be scolded for this if I do...)

So, first I stayed outside a bar and watched the people as they go. I have to hide the stuff animal I took to prevent grabbing attention. Everyone would always say.."Cute! Can you sell this to me, please!". While waiting outside, I saw a Japanese Officemate who works at the Media Division. I tried to wave at him, but I was ignored. Maybe he is really drunk.

Then, I was approached by 3 Japanese ladies, asking me about the bar where obviously I didn't went. One lady asked me, "How's this place?". So I said, I don't know, since I didn't go there. And this followed by, "Are you from Thailand?". And I said, No, I am from Phillippines. And this Japanese girl, asked her friend, "行ったことあったじゃん、フィリピン"(You've went to Philippines, right?). And the other Japanese girl think, and to my surprise, said "Kare-kare"( a philippine dish). They seems having difficulty speaking English, so I speak with them in Japanese. The other girl thinks I'm not interested, so they went to the other bar and the other girl just waved bye and winked at me. This is also good since I don't have any plans to spend time with them. I want to try something new.

I tried to walk inside Don-Q and looked for the stuffs that they sell. And there is even costumes here, but I think it is safe to let any guy friend you have to buy it for you, as those things are included near the adult material things.

Then, I returned at the same bar. I first looked for the 3 Japanese ladies I met earlier, and didn't see them so I hurriedly entered the pub. It was crowded and when I entered, I took a casis and talked to some people who approached me. This was different compared to the first time I've been here.

So out of boredom, I hopped on the other lively club and everyone is dancing. I just took SanMiguel beer out of nostalgia. This club (MoTown) is much alive, since everyone is dancing. I looked around and saw a Japanese lady dancing alone. No one gives any attention to her, so I feel like sorry that nobody does. She looked in her mid 30's and somehow resembled the face of a friend I knew, but just a little. I also catch her many times staring at me. So when she decided to stay lean on the wall, I tried to approach her.

I had a little talk and she said that she is broken hearted out of nowhere. She said her boyfriend before is an English man and complained that he doesn't want to do IT with her. Well, probably it is really the case. So I feel like doing something to cheer her up, so when she invited to dance, I danced with her, I sucked at it anyway but everyone there too, so I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you're there.

She is really drunked, when she dance I really have to take an eye at her because if not, it is either she will hit the wall hard or fall on the floor. Yet she said she want to dance. I ordered another SanMiguel (900 yen each), because once you don't hold a drink next to you, you need to go out. After dancing there, she suggest we move on the center where the crowd gets wild. So, I just went with her and danced like others do. There are Indian guys who really take advantage of the situation, I saw them grabbing Japanese girls breast and ass. And I see how these Japanese girls react, of course they don't like it but becomes tolerable as everyone is going party wild.

Then, when we are dancing, she stopped dancing and stared at a guy walking behind me. I asked her why? and she said, an Indian guy grab her ass. So, I looked and asked her "このやろうか?"(This bastard?). And when she said yes, I tried to make things like an accident and purposely bumped on the guy really hard he hit others like a billiard ball does. She was laughing too much, probably she is surprised that somebody would offer her some help. And again, this Japanese said "Arigatou" countless times. Japanese are like these, they are very expressive in thanking others.

After that, we danced more until a fat English man seemed caught his eyes on her. This English man approached her (completely stranger), and the gracefully dancing Japanese (Emiko) stopped just to closely listen to the English guy. The English guy is also looking at me, and back to her, maybe thinking he is getting on my bounds, which I really don't mind as I'm in no way related to her, I just want to help her turn the pouting side of her face to a bright smiley one. I want to at least say that I would go to give them some time, but she never looked at me so I guess I should leave them. Quickly, I finished my 2nd bottle and sneaked away to the toilet and to the exit.

I was dead tired, I never danced like that before and even if I would have a girlfriend, I won't take her to such place. Good thing I prefer quiet place for such thing and some relaxing music is OK, not eardrum breaking sounds. I returned to the first pub and check my things especially the piglet I took. I was talking to the piglet like a drunked old man, saying "付き合ってくれて、ありがとう。" (this was on purpose) and suddenly, I hear chuckles from young ladies behind me.


It was already morning. Slightly raining, I tried to wait for the station to open and happen to see some fellow Pinoy. At first, I stopped and listened to their conversation. When a Pinay walked with a American boyfriend, they called the girl "Ate!". The girl looked at them and asked what? But they didn't say anything and when the girl turned her back, they said "ayos, kabayan. imported a" . So, I looked at them and smile. They smile back and didn't start any conversation with me. Also, when a hot chick Japanese girl would pass by, they would like "nampa" approach them, either by trying to hold their hand or pointing on the ground where the girl is. I don't know their plans, but I think they're giving pinoys a bad impression. they address themselves as gangsters like.

So here it is , the aftermath. I was tired myself, I want to take a long sleep.

Are going spend an all night out in Roppongi? Just take care as too much light can be dazzling in the eye.


way to go there!
I'm an Indian, not all of us are like that, so soryy, but I hate those who molest Japanese women.

Great job! Please don't hesitate to do it again if you see those low-lives


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