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Web Dev Matters and Me

A series of Friday Nights :


Roppongi warning sign doesn't work

Like a recent started habit, I often find myself walking in streets of Roppongi, watching how people go. First we take dinner then go somewhere else, for a change.

Members: Me, Neth-san, Liezel, Niki (Liezel's italian BF), Roque (pinsan ni Neth, canada), Ayako (gf ng pinsan ni neth, japanese), Yukihiro (pinsan ni neth, japanese), xander (brother ni liezel)

And look, it seems there is some change in Minato-ku. I wonder if this is really effective, since there are still intimidating guys who constantly follow you and ask going to their bar. etc...

We went to First Bar, and I've seen many fellow "kababayan" there, but they would just stare at you and ignore you should you start a conversation. Quite friendly fellow, aren't they? We went out and approached by some bouncer, and asking us to go to their place, which seems like they are forcing us. The bouncer already grab one of our member's hand and I cut the bouncer's sweet plan, because we have our plans and I don't want anyone in our member harrassed in such a way. Another bouncer approached me, like some trouble is about to happen but things went cool. We went to the old "party place" Motown2. And oh my god, I thought I'll be able to rest here. I took some drink, was alone that time and quite pissed because we lost our umbrellas at First Bar (thanks to the stupid bouncer who took it for us and then lost those....). I was like thinking for my remaining days here, and was approached by a Japanese woman (she looks old by the way, maybe mid 30's).

She pulled my hand all of the sudden, and said. "Hey, you should enjoy!".
Although, I said I'm enjoying countless time, she keeps on saying that I'm not Happy.
I said I'm happy, I keep on talking to her in English and Japanese, but she won't listen.
I said I'm tired and I want to rest, so she grab a seat and leaned her body on me, heads on my shoulder.

We had some talk, she asked many things but I rarely remember some. She looks really drunk, I guess because she touched my body and when he touched the...... I insist that she should dance with the crowd. (This would be a trouble...)

So fortunately, my members returned and she surprisingly tried to undress one of our member, I was really surprised. Hahaha... and when other people in the bar saw that, they moved on her and a few more minutes we find our space to go at TGIF to kill time until the first train.

And when I thought we can safely stay here, there's a chinese guy who tried to touch the body of the japanese girl in our member. this chinese asked her, "where you're from", while trying to touch her shoulder. I'm sick of these guys and just word came out " Problem!?". I looked at him,and he turned his back and leave suddenly. I feel sorry that I surprised everyone, I just feel sad that some foreigner like me would do those things, giving japanese people a bad impression of us.

And finally the train.
I was rained all over from station to my room...
going out on a rainy night is not such a good idea...


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